Wednesday 3 July 2019
Extraordinary peculiarities and where to find them

CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, is one of the world's largest and most respected centers for scientific research. For Roskilde Festival 2019, they join forces with the Niels Bohr Institute, a research institute at the University of Copenhagen whose work covers a broad perspective of physics.

During Roskilde Festival 2019, CERN and the Niels Bohr Institute welcome you inside the Science Pavilion where they will host several workshops where they invite you to see the world in a new way and at the same time question the community around you.

Everyone should have equal access to knowledge and by collaborating with two of the most acknowledged research organisations in Europe, Roskilde Festival is offering you the opportunity to meet the people behind the science and share in the excitement of our amazing universe.

Get your hands dirty building your own detector to see elementary particles and cosmic rays coming down from the sky. Construct solar chargers for the Tower of Power and learn about the secrets of alcohol's physical (and sometimes magical) properties.

The Science Pavilion also invites you to debate whether future sustainable energy sources come from nuclear power or wind energy, and you can meet an ethical hacker who will entertain you with tales of his adventures working on the wild side.