Tuesday 2 July 2019
Off-kilter body music from up north

Growing up in Tromsø, the techno capital of Norway, it is not strange that Charlotte Bendiks got interested in electronic music at a young age.

First she drummed in various rock bands, but she started DJ’ing in her early twenties, developing into a highly respected and sought-out artist over the years.

Her solo release, Afterhours EP, came out on Mental Overdrive’s LOVE OD Communications label in 2013, followed by the Aurora EP a year later. In 2017, she released Hidden Tracks on Cómeme. Give her track ”Noir” a listen – it’s a ghetto house gem that will make you manic (in a good way!).

Bendiks’ music draws from her rich vein of life influences: punk attitude, Norwegian spirituality and club-primed energy all shine through in her unclassifiable, off-kilter productions that keep the dancefloor firmly in mind. She proves that even up where it can get really cold they like to keep it hot and sweaty.

Get ready for Charlotte Bendiks when she takes our Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival 2019.