Tuesday 2 July 2019
Dizzying guitar music full of ideas

How do you put 1000 ideas into one song and make it coherent at the very same time? You should ask Collider this question – because they somehow pull it off.

Collider is a young Danish quartet who loves the bursts, noise and dreams from the introvert genre called shoegazer. Cue acts like My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, Ride and Slowdive and all their effect pedals, distorted, reverbed, twirling guitars and hazy moods.

Collider is a reviver is this expression, and instead of just staring at their shoes they look into the future. They reshape and rebuild as they see fit (and they add some flute as well!).

The result is the debut album -><- (yes, that’s the title) which came out in early 2019 on the sonically adventurous Escho label. Nine songs full of ideas.

There’s an ecstatic cacophony present in the young Danish band’s restless rock music. Influences, ideas and spontaneous skips and jumps pull at the seams of all songs – but Collider keep everything together and with an energy level peaking.

Collider will dizzy up their audience when they play the Rising stage at Roskilde Festival 2019.