Saturday 6 July 2019
The architects of musical ferocity are back with more metallic hardcore punishments

Massachusetts band Converge are hardcore legends. Over the last three decades they’ve cemented themselves as an absolutely essential band, both on record and, perhaps especially, in a live environment.

Converge always bring their A-game on a live stage. Take Ben Koller’s inimitable drumming delivered with military precision, the tones of Nate Newton’s bass and Kurt Ballou’s guitar that are utterly disgusting and crystal clear simultaneously, and, of course, iconic vocalist Jacob Bannon who delivers gut-wrenching (and often poetic) lyrics in a caustic roar. Converge are a perfectly honed band, and their live shows are like an assault of sound.

If you’re up for some home workout, just put on a Converge album. It will have you sweating, panting, screaming and throwing clenched fists in the air.

Jane Doe, Converge’s 2001 album, is a true landmark in the recent history of heavy music, a ferocious, highly technical and wildly inventive blend of punk, hardcore, math and metal that has influenced almost every similarly minded band that has followed in its wake. Since then, the quartet has delivered a string of albums with consistent high quality, always looking for new areas of noise to explore.

In 2017, Converge released the punishing and (per usual) critically acclaimed album The Dusk in Us All, which in 2018 spawned a follow-up EP, Beautiful Ruin, with extra songs from the same sessions. Each song is a staccato burst of emotion from a Converge at their most raw. Viciously precise yet alluringly out of control. Just as we like it!

When not making explosions in Converge, their members are skilled players elsewhere in the music biz. Kurt Ballou is one of metal’s most sought-after studio men, and Jacob Banner has founded Deathwish Inc., one of the most respected and innovative labels for aggressive music (and he does artwork for tons of bands). Nate Newton and Ben Koller lend their skills to other bands. The latter can be experienced twice at Roskilde 2019, with Converge and with The Armed. Crazy drumming galore awaits!