Thursday 4 July 2019
Vancouver multimedia collective delivers danceable post-punk

Crack Cloud makes an arresting spectacle. Four guitarists, two keyboardists, one drummer/vocalist and one on penny whistle. That could change any day. According to the band they are a fluid existence.

Crack Cloud are an unconventional bunch: a multimedia collective of musicians, film-makers, artists and designers, made up of recovering addicts and people who work with mental health patients and people with addiction.

Their influences stretch from Gang of Four and Talking Heads to Fela Kuti, Malcolm X and hip-hop, and their sound takes shape as a collage-like construction of rhythm, melody and groove. The results are quirky, pungent songs filled with adventurous spirit and dipped in a healthy dose of post-punk in the vein of aforementioned bands.

Their self-titled debut album from 2018 is a compilation of two EPs, Crack Cloud and Anchoring Point, and according to one media, the album “carries the self-assuredness of a band much further down the line”.

In concert they are a special bunch as well. During some concerts they have dropped into total silence between songs for a longer period of time. Not to make things uncomfortable for their audience but rather as a by-product of a dynamic inside the band. When not being silent they are spiky, intense and self-aware, and they play with a brutal honesty, exposing personal motivations and doubts.

The music is complex but Crack Cloud is a tight unit and they will have your head bobbing at Roskilde Festival 2019.