Saturday 6 July 2019
Ambient electronic mastermind plays with tumult and bliss

Loke Rahbek is a key figure in Copenhagen's experimental scene, and his name is well-known on the global scene.

He is a man with many projects. Just have a look at his Posh Isolation label (established back when he played in a black metal band, and named after a Belle & Sebastian song – how’s that for diversity?), and you will find project after project with Rahbek’s name attached to it, including Lust for Youth, Vår and Damien Dubrovnik.

It is under the moniker Croatian Amor that the Danish producer speaks with the most clear and eloquent voice. This is where he makes ambient soundscapes, power electronics and vocal manipulation.

His early releases were on cassette tapes (some of them re-released in other formats) and date back to 2011. Back then, his work melded bubbly synths and crude industrial noises. His project and ‘voice’ have only grown and developed since.

On his 2017 EP Finding People, Croatian Amor dove into human disorder – using samples of heavy breathing and panicked plea to drive home his message. The sounds combined darkness and experimental ambiance.

On his latest release, Isa, the 29-year-old producer still uses disruption as a tool. He builds a post-apocalyptic world pieced together by numerous fragments. You can hear a variety of voices, including those of Jonnine Standish, Soho Rezanejad and Yves Tumor (Croatian Amor was featured on his latest album as well), like monologues with existential messages. It’s ugly and beautiful all at the same time.

When playing live Loke Rahbek works behind a table of blinking lights, knobs and wires, from there he pieces together his sound worlds. Behind him is a backdrop of images and films that bring the whole matter into a mesmerising live audiovisual performance.