Friday 5 July 2019
A fresh, radical voice in rap. X-rated!

What’s the dirtiest song you have ever heard? We bet that cupcakKe’s material is far dirtier.

She’s a lewd, bold, outspoken MC who has achieved great viral success and critical acclaim with her sex-positive, explicit songs and videos. Let’s look at some song titles: “Deepthroat”, “Vagina”, “Cumshot”. Her Twitter handle is Marilyn MonHoe, and she calls her fans ‘slurpers’ (Urban Dictionary has a definition for you).

So, who is this cupcakKe? According to The Fader, the 21-year-old rapper is “everything and more”.

Elizabeth Eden Harris was born in Chicago. At the age of 14, she began writing religious-themed poetry and performing in local churches. She started turning her poems into raps and uploading them to YouTube, receiving thousands of views. Religion was now a thing of the past, and more saucy stuff was on the menu.

On the surface, her lyrics are nasty in the best ways, but they often carry messages of solidarity with the LGBTQ community and power in sexuality.

cupcakKe’s raps have velocity. Her flow stays tight whether she’s cooing or shouting. That’s what has always been delightful and, in its own way, empowering about cupcakKe’s work. And she remains independent. All of her four albums are self-released, and she remains in full control of her own career.

cupcakKe will turn some heads when she plays Roskilde Festival 2019. Expect a saucy and liberating gig!