Saturday 6 July 2019
Reinvigorated stoner hip-hoppers are back at Roskilde Festival

Cypress Hill still sounds like no one else.

After a 14-year hiatus, during which B-Real and Sen Dog ventured forth without DJ Muggs, this seminal stoner hip-hop group are reunited and reinvigorated.

Cypress Hill are 30 years into their career, have sold over 18 million albums worldwide and are best known for their weed-friendly rap hits from the 90s. Not to mention, they made history as the first Latino American hip-hop recording group ever to go platinum in the US.

Their 2018 album Elephants On Acid finds the group not only recapturing the dynamism and urgency of their early-90s heyday, but also taking that energy somewhere completely new. “A trip back to the roots and an escape into a completely new world,” says the group, and we agree!

Their trademarks are still present: hits from the bong, puffed-up bravado and ominously creepy flows or sunny, stoned soliloquies. But DJ Muggs has worked magic in his producer cauldron: His signature siren squalls and booming bass have morphed into a drifting, psychedelic treasure chest with trippy beats meeting multiple instrumental interludes. He pulls every disorienting trick out of the carpet bag: sitar, oud, sub bass, trumpeting pachyderms and dubby contributions by psych outrider Gonjasufi.

A trippy invitation which adds a new exciting chapter to a group who has already delivered drowsy party bangers like “Insane in the Brain”, “I Ain’t Going Out Like That”, “Hits from the Bong”, “(Rock) Superstar”, “Dr. Greenthumb”, “How I Could Just Kill a Man” and “I Wanna Get High”.

When Cypress Hill returns to Roskilde Festival (they were here last in 1996), you can expect lots of booming bass and thumping beats to get your head rocking. The group’s sound is instantly recognisable, with the high and nasal voices whining through raps and rhymes. Cypress Hill will send you off to the hot and hazy cities of California, with a mix of heavy bass and psychedelic elements.