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Big data and ”facts” presented to you on large screens all over the festival

What is Big Data and how does it influence our lives and the society around us? Data collection and Big Data is the subject of the work of Italian artist Danilo Correale who for the first time presents his work fivehundredfourtyeight – data lines on large screens all over Roskilde Festival.

Correale has gathered 548 “facts” from the data collection activity that is constantly at work in people’s lives. This index reveals an obsessive collection of data and figures drawn from the internet, public archives, newspapers or governmental institutions.

Some of Danilo Correale’s “facts”:

  • Estimated number of barrels of oil required to fill the black sea: 3,440,526,381,667
  • Calories burned by protesters in Mladen Square in Kiev over a period of 24 hours: 336,000
  • The average speed of a bullet from a handgun: 1768 mph
  • The speed of sound in dry air at 20 °C: 768 mph
  • Ratio between the price of a Happy Meal in Kiev and its price in Brooklyn: 28/4

Correale’s editing of this information is a critical attempt to reveal the paradox between the uselessness of Big Data or these algorithmic “facts” and the traits that describe us as a mass of consumers constantly monitored. Are today’s datalines turning our attention away from the real consequences of our actions within the bigger picture that is the history of mankind?

The video artwork fivehundredfourtyeight will be presented in 2-3 minutes of film sequences on screens all over the festival.