Friday 5 July 2019
Energy, e-n-e-r-g-y, ENERGY! Innovators of hip-hop and punk bring madness to Roskilde Festival

Death Grips is one of the acts that have defined the current decade. They have earned a reputation as one of the digital age’s most notorious acts. The group’s hybrid of industrial-noise-punk-rap has garnered critical acclaim – and a rabid, cult-like following.

Founded in Sacramento, California in 2010, the trio features the ever-curious drumming typhoon Zach Hill, producer/film man Andy Morin and in-your-face rapper Stefan Burnett aka MC Ride. Together, they have produced a series of excellent works that have expanded the vision of experimental hip-hop and experimental music in general.

By adapting the harsher elements of muscular, energetic music, Death Grips produced an impressive trilogy of releases (in just one year!), which includes The Money StoreNo Love Deep Web and Government Plates. They were signed to a major label, then dropped again because they gave their music away. The band split up for a while in 2014 before reforming and making more great albums. 2018’s Year of the Snitch is their latest, and it shows their endless thirst for originality.

Björk is a big fan of the group. She collaborated with Death Grips, both on her album Biophilia and on their Niggas on the Moon. David Bowie was also inspired by Death Grips when he made his swan song Blackstar. On one of their recent tours, the trio has had Ministry as the supporting act. That says a lot about a band like Death Grips. Put anyone before them, and Death Grips would still come out like true champions of the night.

Nothing beats seeing Death Grips live. They pull no punches but instantly build up a constant gritty noise attack, and they usually turn the audience into a living, foaming sea of bodies who respond to the energy coming from the stage.

Kurt Cobain once said that rap music is the only vital form of music introduced since punk rock. Nobody proves it more than Death Grips.