Thursday 4 July 2019
Young Florida rapper – known for abrasive, rapid-fire delivery – ups the ante

Miami-area rapper Denzel Curry balances rhymes packed with intense and introspective content and an evolving production palette that draws on hazy cloud rap and classic hip-hop songcraft.

After issuing a series of well-received mixtapes in the early 2010s, he made his official studio debut with 2013's underground favourite Nostalgic 64, which set him apart from other young rappers in his field. And Denzel Curry only seems to get better and more relevant with each new release. He entered the charts with his 2018 major label debut TA13OO (reads ‘taboo’). The album is split into three acts – Light, Gray and Dark – and delves into self-examination and unflinching social commentary that tackles politics, sexual abuse and mental health. You may have heard Curry’s massive single “Clout Cobain” – and if not, do so! But if you fear clowns, don’t!



The former 2016 XXL Freshman (don’t know what that is? Read here) has carved out a stylistic niche that prevents him from being boxed into any of rap’s cliques. He sounds grizzled when he raps, yet wildly rambunctious in the same breath. His music combines aggressive trap with rapid-fire bars and adds smoothed-out hip-hop atmosphere as well.

Curry’s sound drips with venomous energy. He raps and sings with a dexterous touch that breathes vibrant energy into all songs. And you should definitely look forward to experiencing all of this live. The rapper and his crew bring the crazy – always getting the crowds jumping up and down and vibing in unison. Once he starts up the energy, he doesn’t slow things down until the show is over.

The Sunshine State of Florida just may be home to the next wave of rap’s elite, and Denzel Curry is well on his way to becoming one.