Monday 1 July 2019
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Chilled downtempo productions that will make the sun shine forever

For centuries shamans have used rhythm for healing purposes.

Here’s another shaman. He is a Discoshaman who will give you a special sound therapy filled with rhythmic patterns from drum machines designed to deepen your awareness, embrace your inner maniac mixed with catchy melodies that makes you fly off into space.

Behind the Discoshaman moniker is Daniel Andersen, a Copenhagen-based producer and DJ.

Listening to his music is like being transported to a distant, tropic place. Discoshaman not only sounds like a mystical figure, but also a traveler. This particular traveler in sound has played everywhere from Berlin to Goa.

If you head over to his Soundcloud profile, you will find a playlist called ‘my slow releases’, which will give you all the downtempo candy you can imagine.

Discoshaman has also released a collaboration, Union Mystica, with another artist called Lemurian, which was done exclusively over Splice, an online production space where you work together without meeting IRL.

For his live show at Roskilde Festival 2019, Discoshaman brings a couple of guest musicians and dancers, including:

Nicolai D'Amore Vesthammer From Plat∞n (guitar/rhodes)
Gustav Wall from Flamingus (piano)
Kianoush Yazdanyar from Persian Electro Orchestra (santoor)

Expect the heat to rise when he plays our Countdown stage.