Tuesday 2 July 2019
Electro pop that tugs at your heartstrings and invites you to dance

There’s a special Scandinavian sound to ELBA’s music. It contains a certain melancholy while keeping things upbeat (and damn catchy!) at the very same time.

24-year-old Ellen Bathum is the singer and songwriter behind the project. Take two letters from each name and voilá, there’s a perfect moniker which is also more easily pronounced outside the Danish borders!

And that’s exactly what is happening at the moment. There’s a special buzz around ELBA and her music.

Her debut single “Antidote” was released in November 2018, and it caught the attention of many. Clash Magazine compared ELBA to the Swedish electro pop queen Robyn, and there’s definitely a reminiscence here. It’s that scandi-pop sound. Give her track a listen and you will find a catchy tune that balances melancholy and dance euphoria just perfectly!

ELBA delivers bombastic and catchy synth pop that instantly touches all listeners. She tells relatable stories about loss of control and the many faces of love.

Come March, ELBA is ready to unleash more music into the world.

She is a powerful new voice, and when she takes the Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival, she will make you dance about!