Wednesday 3 July 2019
Bass-heavy rave music for the party crowd

Their name translates to colour blind. They deliver all colours of the rainbow for a party crowd!

To quote a review from Farveblind’s last visit at Roskilde Festival (the Countdown stage in 2017): Some bands play concerts to write music, others write music to play shows.

Farveblind is an extraordinary live band. And their goal is to start up a party, and that’s what happens when they turn on the machines.

The two members in Farveblind, Magnus Pilgaard Grønnebæk and Jens Asger Lykkeboe Mouritzen, make different varieties of rave, EDM and techno. It’s pulsating, booming and explosive.

Magnus is behind the keys and pads, and Jens Asger delivers an extra dose of energy behind his drum kit which he bangs with the highest intensity.

Farveblind collaborates with singers from all over the world: Khaya N9 from South Africa, Clea from Australia, Paul Stephan from the UK and KillaSon from France.

The duo released two singles in 2017, ”Wasteful Talk” and ”Indima”. In 2019, they hired legendary producer Steve Dub (The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Moby and New Order) and made the debut EP BOXES which contains five tracks of danceable club music.

Farveblind is pure energy (watch this live clip), and you shouldn’t miss them at Roskilde Festival 2019!