Saturday 6 July 2019
Danish street rap straight into Roskilde Festival

A few kilometres outside of Copenhagen you find the concrete suburb of Albertslund. The town has fostered some of the most exciting hip-hop in recent years.

The latest shoot making its way through the cracks in the concrete is Fouli (watch a portrait here).

Fouli makes music that finds inspiration from the streets of Albertslund where he grew up (and still lives), but also from his Moroccan roots. These two backgrounds meet in Fouli’s diverse and dead-on exciting music.

He started making a name for himself featuring on Danish street rap duo DC’s tracks. The track “Vi tales” (‘talk to you later’) exploded as an underground hit – without any help from labels, publicists or anything. This was just pure music speaking to all pumping hip-hop hearts.

Fouli later released his own track “Mon Poto” (French for ‘my bro’), which made his name even bigger (have a look at those crazy streaming numbers, and you know that he’s a popular chap). In 2018, Fouli released the track “Gaden” (‘the streets’), a hard and bouncy trap banger that balances his melodic sound with superior rap lines. The track is a central part of his 2019 debut EP Dag 1 (‘day 1’) which in just 12 minutes shows the diverse sounds of Fouli.

Fouli’s lyrics deal with the tough life in the concrete jungle. He is honest and uncompromising, and he sets himself apart from other street rappers with a more melodic and nuanced approach to flow, sounds and lyrics.

Fouli has earned a solid live reputation. He conquers the stage he steps onto, and he knows how to work his crowds into pure energetic chaos.