House of Chroma
Thursday 4 July 2019

- Saturday 6 July 2019

Twirl and swirl the night away. Indulge in an experience of healing dance

Is there a bodily healing potential in the act of dancing? If you ask dancer Frédéric Gies, the answer is yes. And he is inviting you to experience it for yourself.

At Roskilde Festival 2019, Gies invites you to a new iteration of his work Ribbon Dance. In Ribbon Dance you can join forces with Gies and become part of a group dance where bodies and pennants become extensions of each other in a celebratory dance. Twirling and spiralling the night away you will surrender to the streams that generate movement.

Frédéric Gies is a trained ballet dancer and his practice originates from rigorous movements and is also inspired by his participation in techno clubs and raves. The dances he creates collapse the hierarchies and distinctions between different dance forms.

Frédéric Gies is part of the Youth & Community performance program curated by Aukje Lepoutre Ravn and will take place in the House of Chroma, designed by artists AVAF/ Eli Sudbrack and located in Art Zone.