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Wednesday 3 July 2019

- Saturday 6 July 2019

Music magician captures sounds and lets them play inside empty containers

VASI di VETRO CORI di CRISTALLO or ‘glass vases crystal choirs’ is an immersive and abstract music performance. One could call Francesco Cavaliere a ‘music magician’ who uses several empty vases and horns to capture, contain, discover and emanate musical waves.

The vases and horns are empty containers, semi-transparent objects that Cavaliere fills with his music. They are still pure and empty to your eyes, but not your ears.

VASI di VETRO CORI di CRISTALLO are two music pieces investigating glass resonance, electronic music and voids. Something that could be defined as internal music listening. Cavaliere records a shell’s internal sound and lets it chant inside his vases.

Experience Francesco Cavaliere in the Ambereum between Art Zone and Arena.