Sunday 30 June 2019
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“Endure alone, escape together”.

It sounds like a motto or slogan of sorts. It comes from the Danish techno duo Funeral Future. It’s a reference to the humdrum of the working week and the redeeming weekend when you can let yourself go on the dancefloor together with all the other like-minded.

Funeral Future is an exciting electronic duo made up of Adam Askov and Alexander Salomonsen. They specialise in hard-hitting techno with a both dynamic and dystopian sound. The hard kicks pace the songs with a violent force while effect-laden synthesizers contrasts the rumbling low end.

Askov and Salomonsen also run their own label Euromantic through which they release their own and others’ music. They also arrange raves in Copenhagen, making sure to spread out that tough and euphoric techno sound.

Funeral Future has released two EPs (listen here) so far: You Hold the Body (2016) and Hard Candy (2018).

These are songs that you don’t want to ever stop. Give their mix here a listen, then you will have an idea what you’re in for when Funeral Future plays our Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival 2019.