Thursday 4 July 2019
Italian multi-instrumentalist getting serious with toys

Whenever you describe a musician as ‘classically trained’ there’s a risk that it will sound boring. But what if we were to tell you that Giorgia Angiuli is using her classical training to create electronic music that incorporates all sorts of toys and live instruments?

The result is both fun and serious. The result is electronic music bordering on both house and techno mixed with Giorgia’s dreamy vocals.

The Italian started making a name for herself around 2013 with singles on prominent labels and gigs everywhere from Berghain to Bataclan. Since then, she’s toured all over the world and is known both as a DJ and a live act that delivers on both party feeling and show(wo)manship without forgetting the most important ingredient: the songs.

Having kept fans waiting, she finally released her debut full-length In a Pink Bubble in 2018 on the Stil Vor Talent label. For non-German speakers, this ironic name translates to ‘style before talent’. Giorgia Angiuli has plenty of both.

As much as she loves her Moog – well, synthesizers and keyboards in general – she really loves using toys actively in her music. From vintage Fisher Price to penholders, she can make it all work in combination with her drum pads and theremin.

Watching Giorgia Angiuli live feels almost like a privilege, and it’s no wonder that many of her videos have gone viral. Come and play at the Apollo stage.