Monday 1 July 2019
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A crossbreed of doom-y artrock’n’hardcore. Yes, this band does it all!

Let’s not call Gullo Gullo a supergroup (don’t get us wrong, they’re super good), but they do have musicians from a lots of super bands not from the league of super known acts. Their collective efforts are known from stellar (all right: super!) bands like Værket, Slægt, Broder, KAMP, Argot and KLoAK – and they’re Escho material. Those in the know should smile knowingly right now.

But let’s take it from the beginning: Gullo Gullo – named after a novel by Miodrag Bulatović – is another band who has grown out of the hotbed called Mayhem in Copenhagen. Gullo Gullo takes everything great in rock (metal, doom, art rock, hardcore) and strikes sparks in the cross field.

Gullo Gullo is like a playroom. This band accepts not rules. Anything goes. The drums are pounding away, the two guitars are grinding and scraping (there’s no bass, by the way), and the vocals wail with affected intensity (Mike Patton is a fitting reference).

Gullo Gullo released their debut album Raw Moon in 2019 to great reviews. All fans of noisy, no-nonsense and template-defying rock should look forward to when Gullo Gullo steps onto our Rising stage at Roskilde Festival 2019.