Monday 1 July 2019
Trip-hopping through dark moods and hypnotic beats

If you dig slow and heavy persistent beats and moody atmospheres as we know them from trip-hop, then you need to get acquainted with Hôy la.

Ingri Høyland Kvamstad (have a look at her middle name again and voilá, there’s your moniker. Apparently, it means excuse me in Vietnamese) is the mastermind behind the name. She is a Norwegian who currently lives in Copenhagen.

She experiments with organic live loops, electronic soundscapes and acoustic elements in her production. Her music fusions elements from various genres like electronica, trip-hop and alternative rock. Inside her universe Ingri Kvamstad’s vocals create a closeness that expresses melancholy, and a lyrical universe that opens for emotional confrontations.

In early 2019 she released the EP X Heads to great critical acclaim. Here we get five songs full of majestic splendor – they certainly show a way forward for the trip-hop genre.

Catch Hôy la at the Rising stage at Roskilde Festival 2019.