Friday 5 July 2019
Melancholic and adequately quirky R&B

Love is tough. When it doesn’t play ball in accordance with your desires it can feel like everything splinters. But fortunately, blue thoughts can lead to beautiful music. That is the case for Hans Philip.

Love can be directed at both the one and only that slipped through your fingers as well as former projects gone awry. The project most Danish music lovers know Hans Philip for is the now-dissolved duo Ukendt Kunstner in which Hans Philip sang and rapped about both the nightlife and pretty perdition in the city.

After a run of four successful years (including a couple of performances at Roskilde Festival), Ukendt Kunstner hung up their gear. Something else needed to happen.

The partner Jens Ole McCoy found a path producing and composing for the big screen. Hans Philip needed more time and took it; he ground and polished his own expression before he was ready to unleash it on the world.

Luckily, it was worth the wait. Hans Philip clearly demonstrates that he still contains plenty of music, and his adventurous brain takes him down new and exciting paths. Earlier this year, he released the debut album Forevigt, which is full of rain-soaked, slow R&B croons and dusty slow-raps. The tempo is insistingly slow and thoughtful, and it suits Hans Philip perfectly.

If you are happy (or sad in a good way) about blue moods like the ones presented by the likes of Frank Ocean and James Blake, you’ll find plenty of goodies in Hans Philip’s bag.

Let yourself be carried away by Hans Philip’s melancholic stream of consciousness wrapped in R&B-flavoured pop when he plays at Roskilde Festival 2019.