Sunday 30 June 2019
Whimsical electro pop you can dance about to

Lou Reed sang about a satellite of love. This particular satellite sings about heartbreaks. And while doing so it transmits wonderful and whimsical signals of lo-fi, experimental pop music.

Heartbreak Satellite was started as an outlet for its members who also plays in other outfits. In this band you may have heard of singer Ragnhild Jamtveit who also plays in Norwegian sensations Pom Poko who played at Roskilde in 2018. She is joined by Håkon Kjenstad and Tobias Pfeil.

Using a couple of synths, some microphones and a drum machine, they wrote AND recorded their debut (at the same time) in just 10 days. The result is Foxy which came out in 2018.

The songs capture the inner and outer turmoil that the band experienced in their personal lives at that time (and, yes, it has to do with relationships). Give their opening tune “Are U Ok?” a listen and you will surely be taken in by this Norwegian trio’s wonders. Fans of bands like CocoRosie and My Brightest Diamond will love this.

Heartbreak Satellite is currently working on their second album. So expect lots of new tunes when they play the Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival 2019.