Friday 5 July 2019
Catchy, doomy riffs with influences ranging from post-punk to post-rock

Want an idea of how the underground is under the city of Tromsø, Norway? Give Heave Blood & Die a listen and you’ll have an idea of the sounds from down there.

Their blend of psychedelic doom and stoner metal with inventive use of synths is a must for everyone who likes their music slow, heavy and angry. Fans of Georgian prog-sludge in the vein of Baroness or Mastodon can take a step closer. If you dig bands like Kyuss or Red Fang, you’ll also find lots of good stuff here.

The Norwegian band released their second critically acclaimed album with the fitting title Vol II in 2018. One critic called it a deathblow to boredom. The album also shows how the five-piece exceeds genre limitations and includes elements taken from both post-punk and post-rock. There’s a perfect balance between intensity and atmosphere.

The Norwegian five piece have been quoted for saying that they play their best when they are annoyed. They sound downright pissed, so that means that we get the very best (and angriest) of them in concert.

Heave Blood & Die was nominated for the final for Urørt (talent contest for upcoming bands in Norway). When they play Roskilde Festival, they will make the earth tremble and prove why they’re a band to watch out for.