Sunday 30 June 2019
The Danish singer-songwriter reveals a tender heart

Say Hjalte Ross out loud in a public room, and you will see a few music fans in the know smile. In all fairness, it shouldn’t be long before the entire room will light up in smiles.

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter has impressed all curious ears with his tender, fingerpicking folk songs that aim straight for the heart.

After some time working in different bands playing various styles of rock music, and later working solo under the moniker Eli, Hjalte Ross has found just the right sound to play under his own name.

His debut album Embody from 2018 takes up the traditional folksy singer-songwriter style, and it insists on taking things slow. Inside Ross’ melancholic music is a special attention to reflection and dreams. Ross’ calm vocals and acoustic fingerpickings, occasionally accompanied by beautiful, subtle string and brass arrangements, make up what could be called a timeless sound, even if it finds inspiration back in the 70s.

Fans of the excellent, introvert British folk musician Nick Drake should prick up their ears. It so happens that Hjalte Ross has gotten Nick Drake’s former producer John Wood to produce his album.

Hjalte Ross is preparing something special for his performance on Roskilde Festival’s Rising stage. Ross will play with a full band including a string section. He will stir your heart!