Friday 5 July 2019
Self-confident and vulnerable Danish pop sensation

She has released just three songs in total, two in 2018 and one in 2019. On the basis of those and – especially – on her emotional, powerful and all other kinds of -full concerts, she has impressed everybody in her native Denmark.

In the beginning in 2019, Jada took home an award, ‘P3 Talentet’ (at Danish national radio P3’s award show P3 Guld) and another two, ‘song of the year’ (for “Keep Cool”) and ‘Hope of the year’ at Steppeulven, the Danish music critics’ award.

Jada is a firecracker ready to explode, and she’s bound to be a big star.

Jada grew up in a home full of music. Her parents never listened to music on the radio – they played it themselves. Perhaps that explains why she’s her very own character!

Jada writes songs with edge and soul, covered in detailed pop arrangements. Her musical universe is stylistically confident, but it’s also intimate and fragile, wrapped in R&B references, electronic colours and organic vibes.

She organises everything in her musical project, from lyrics and production (together with Morten Winther Nielsen from Treefight for Sunlight and Awinbeh Ayagiba from Silvester) to directing music videos.

When Jada visits Roskilde Festival, she’s bringing a six-piece band with her. Expect glorious pop and a star emitting her very own light.

In the meantime, we’ll look forward to that debut album.