Saturday 6 July 2019
The amazing singer moves from dystopian android to R&B party girl. Look forward to a huge show!

Janelle Monáe possesses a rarely seen kind of creativity, one that allows her to convincingly render herself into a character separate from reality. A former mentee of Prince, Monáe doesn’t merely perform a persona, she embodies it! 

On her first releases she became an android, inviting listeners into a world full of Afrofuturist magical realism. She has wowed critics in roles in Academy-nominated films, ”Moonlight” and “Hidden Figures”, so performing a character is natural stuff for this prodigy!

In 2018, when the 33-year-old artist released the critically acclaimed Dirty Computer, her third album, she staked her claim to be the year’s most vital pop star (try counting just how many end of year lists this album has topped).

The album challenges social norms and traditional concepts of a woman's role in the world. It’s also an album that celebrates those in marginalized communities. A sci-fi film – she calls it an “emotion picture” – accompanies the album.

And if you like what you hear on record, just wait until you experience Janelle Monáe live!

A Janelle Monáe concert is both joyous and vital. It is simultaneously a celebration of self-love and a fierce rebuke to the horror show in which society finds itself in nowadays, delivered in the guise of perfect, polished pop music. Monáe has performed inside beautiful scenographies, wearing lots of costumes (including some much talked-about vagina pants – see them here).

She generally brings the full package!

She can rap, sing, dance and do just any old thing. With Monáe and her well-playing band at times coming over like a modern version of Prince and the Revolution, her music can dip into soul, P-Funk, blues, electronica, New Orleans jazz, pop and ragtime, while providing a vehicle for her agenda and her personality.

When she was at Roskilde Festival in 2011, she called it “the most amazing show I’ve ever done” (catch a clip here). She returned the following year. 2019 marks her return, and we’ll make it as grand as we possibly can. So, we’ll see you in front of the Orange Stage for a big party!