Friday 5 July 2019
Manchester legend bringing both The Smiths and solo material to his fans

Try to picture the most influential guitarists of the past 40 years. There is absolutely no escaping Johnny Marr. He formed The Smiths and has affected modern indie and guitar-based pop music more than most.

Johnny Marr, however, is much more than a master of the six-stringed. He’s a magnificent songwriter.

Mr. Marr formed The Smiths in 1982 and was part of the songwriting team for the vast majority of their four albums before splitting up in 1987. Everyone wanted a taste of the Mancunian, and he subsequently joined The Pretenders and shortly after toured and recorded with The The for six years.

He also became the perhaps most in-demand session musician of the era, recording with the likes of Talking Heads, Beck, Bryan Ferry and Pet Shop Boys.

In the past decade, Johnny Marr has also been an active member of Modest Mouse and The Cribs. After touring the world with other bands, he finally started focusing on his own music and released the first proper solo album in 2013.

His latest album, Call the Comet, was released in the summer of 2018 to great acclaim, revealing a songwriter full of energy and, above all, tunes.

He will be bringing both solo material and classics by The Smiths to Roskilde Festival 2019.