Monday 1 July 2019
Dusky and gloomy folk. Perfect soundtrack for watching leaves fall.

Acoustic finger picking, chords in minor and a crooning baritone vocal. That’s the core of Josiah Konder. Built around the songs and voice of Julius Ernst, the six-piece band unite exotic percussion and elegant guitar sounds and conjure up songs for darkened rooms, falling leaves, broken hearts and a general melancholic state of mind.

Josiah Konder self-released their debut album, Songs for the Stunned, in 2018. The band calls it “a merry-go-round of both pleasure and pain” – and they have indeed stunned a few listeners and critics alike. Shortly after, they went on tour with Iceage. Two unlikely bands, perhaps, but deep down they share the same decadent misery.

If you dig the works of dark majesties such as Mark Eitzel, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen (Songs of Love and Hate era) you will absolutely love Josiah Konder.

The band expertly knows how to push things into dark, swirling noir full of harmonised choral singing and elaborate storytelling while sweeping piano flourishes and distorted guitar add layers of gritty texture.

Catch Josiah Konder on our Rising stage in 2019 and get a taste of the decadence.