Friday 5 July 2019
Meticulous art-pop set for dreamy territories

Los Angeles-based composer/multi-instrumentalist Julia Holter blurs the boundaries between indie music, modern composition and electronic music in her work.

Julia Holter’s meticulous avant-pop thrives in its details. Across the four albums she’s released so far, the 33-year-old artist has threaded her voice through lush, delicate arrangements that make abundant use of jazz rhythms and classical instrumentation.

Ever since her 2013 breakthrough Loud City Song, she has melded tweaked electronics with classical and pop elements. Complex, yet accessible. On 2015's Have You in My Wilderness, she took a more intimate, accessible approach that put her vocals front and centre. She took to soundtrack music with a full score for Ben Younger’s Bleed for This film. In 2017, Holter joined Domino’s Document project with a live-in-studio performance. The result, In the Same Room, is stellar stuff that embraces a more intimate sound.

Holter’s new album, Aviary, was released in October. It reflects the cacophony of the mind in a melting world. Critics from all over have received the album with open arms. Do yourself a favour and let Aviary and its sweeping intimacy into your world.

Holter’s live performances are always dramatically textured and intensely stirring, and you get to see both sides of Holter: as the pop-leaning songwriter and as the avant-garde composer. She cooes and croons (and occasionally shrieks), and with a full band behind her and a solid catalogue of songs that challenge and bewitch, there is definitely something to look forward to when Julia Holter revisits Roskilde Festival.