Saturday 6 July 2019
Japanese psychedelic rock band combining elements of krautrock, Indian ragas and acid folk

The name of the Japanese five-piece Kikagaku Moyo translates to ‘geometric patterns’, and that is not a bad choice for the technically proficient Tokyo band who on most of their releases build their songs on circular riffs and guitar/organ jams which never seem to be on the wrong track.

The track leads them to Roskilde Festival 2019 this summer!

Their especially spicy mixture of raga, psych, free folk, krautrock and generally all the good stuff from the 70s - has been cooking since 2012. When they got started, they were busking on the streets of Tokyo as a free music collective. Now, they are busy on the touring circuit, bringing them around the world several times.

Their diligent touring, which has also led them to virtually all of the world's most essential psych festivals in recent years, has made them a well-oiled and unpredictable live band, and they have been productive at the same time.

They have released four, critically acclaimed albums and a couple of EPs. Lately, they have demonstrated a looser structure and a dirtier and fuzzed-out sound. It has not made the music any less exciting or cosmic.

Kikagaku Moyo isn’t the type of band to keep things brief. You can look forward to loooong, intense space jams when they play Roskilde Festival.