Monday 1 July 2019
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Beautiful and weird envelope-pushing pop music from Danish duo

Kogekunst translates to ’culinary skills’, and we bet you already feel the saliva in your mouth. This is a skewed, fun, nonperfect, norm-challenging musical (somewhat) equivalent to gastronomy’s hotchpotch.

The dishes Kogekunst serves up fucks with pop music’s general template of clean, pitch-perfect productions and song structures. Kogekunst plays a lo-fi, sometimes-in-tune-sometimes-not type of pop music. They show us new ways of uniting various styles and expressions.

In 2018 Kogekunst – made up of Simon Wetterstrøm and Oskar Krusell – released their debut album SEXEDE which persistently challenges the limits of what modern pop music can be and sound like. And when the duo start working in their kitchen, they orchestrate a weird pile-up of chanting mantras, electric trips and shameless sugary pop music. It’s childish (fun fact: their rehearsal space under in a basement under a kindergarden), it’s poetic and it’s beautiful.

Kogekunst sounds like nothing you have heard before. Amateurish and heartfelt or professional and eclectic? Either way, it works!

Catch Kogekunst work wonders in their musical kitchen on Roskilde Festival’s Rising stage in 2019.