Thursday 4 July 2019
Free jazz raving it up with visits from traditional Turkish folk music

Employing the energy from Istanbul’s rave scene, the sensibilities of Turkish folk music and the improvisational structures of free jazz, this band have made their very own symbiosis of creativity and sound.

Konstrukt formed their group in 2008 and had a major breakthrough after a recording with acclaimed German free-jazz man Peter Brötzmann who fell in love with the band at a concert in Istanbul.

Since then, the band has garnered attention not only back home in Turkey but especially within European improvised music circles. Konstrukt have done further recordings with significant names like Joe McPhee, Thurston Moore and Keiji Haino just to mention a few.

Umut Çağlar, who, together with Korhan Futacı, started Konstrukt, has a past in techno music and was an important part of Istanbul's rave scene back in the 90s. The energy, the straightforward approach and the general madness of Istanbul's experimental clubs are brought into play in Konstrukt’s free jazz. They can build, deconstruct and simply kick out the jams!

But even if dub and electronica are central parts of Konstrukt's free sound, you can clearly hear their relationship with Turkey's traditional music. Traditional instruments such as the zurna (wind instrument) have begun to be more prominent in their sound, and their collaboration with legendary Turkish percussionist Okay Temiz has created moments of something that could be called improvisational Turkish folk music.