Sunday 30 June 2019
Dance-friendly pop songs with a darker depth. KOPS is a prodigy starting to make his way into the (inter)national arena.

Singing in church takes you places. That’s the case for KOPS (civil name Oskar Kops Kronback). As a kid he sang in a boys’ choir in his local church while dreaming of becoming a house DJ.

Today, KOPS is part of the Copenhagen-based music collective called Official Music. He creates almost all his songs in Official Music’s studio located in... tadaa... a church tower in central Copenhagen. It helps with the divine inspirations, we suppose.

The 21-year-old musician uses music as a kind of self-therapy. When you listen to his latest single, “Salvation”, you first notice the slap bass, the funky vibes and the urges to hit the dancefloor. It’s a hit all right. It was picked as ‘track of the week’ on Danish radio station P3, and it went straight into the charts in all of Scandinavia. Listen closely, and you’ll notice that KOPS sings “I’m so afraid to die alone”. Happy song on the surface but with a darker depth.

And that’s perhaps the secret recipe behind KOPS’ music, the meeting of light and darkness.

The Danish producer loves to write songs. They either take one day or one year to write, and they tell stories about love, death, depression (as in “Salvation”), astronomy and religion.

Earlier singles, “Takes 1 2 Know 1” and “Sorry Not Sorry”, have also won airplay on stations like BBC1, Beats and P3, and they are beautiful seeds for something bigger.

KOPS is a self-made artist. He writes and produces his music single-handedly, and it smells like tomorrow’s pop music. His Instagram profile reveals sessions with Danish profiles like Phlake, Nonsens and ELOQ so it’ll be exciting to hear what KOPS has in store for us later on.

Come catch KOPS on our Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival 2019 before the rest of the world gets to know him.