Saturday 6 July 2019
Beats merge with the roots of Latin American culture. Electronica + folkloric = folklorica

La Payara is a project spearheaded by Colombian producer Claudio Tantimonaco. Heavily influenced by artists that mesh traditional sounds with electronic beats – cue acts like Dengue Dengue Dengue, Nicola Cruz and El Remolón – La Payara fuses folklorica with psychedelia and cumbia.

2017 was a great year for La Payara. After Bomba Estéreo’s Li Saumet spotted Tantimonaco at a new year’s party, he was invited to play the band’s Estereo Beach festival.

In 2017, La Payara released his debut single “Bogotá” which was followed by the EP Tim Bao. The songs’ mixture of electronic, psychedelic cumbia and experimental bass creates a mesh-like interpretation of the Colombian landscapes in which La Payara feels most at home.

Since then, La Payara have gone from strength to strength playing the club circuit in Colombia, Corona Sunset events and recently also supported Bomba Estéreo.

La Payara wants to get you in a party mood. In concert, they mix folkloristic instruments and drums with electronic beats and create some fantastic dance rituals. You should join in!