Friday 5 July 2019
Dark, raucous poetry from Irish folk musicians

Lankum could make a perfect soundtrack for a Coen movie. One of the dark, human (and humorous) ones.

The Irish band deals in murder ballads, drinking songs and originals about the world’s terrors. What could be better?

They play uilleann pipes, harmonium, fiddle and accordion. But you should forget all about gentle folk songs. Lankum’s songs are urgent, desperate and detonating, full of lyrics and sounds smacking together like waves shattering stones in a storm.

The quartet’s latest album, Between Earth and Sky, has been called the most exciting record of traditional Irish song in decades, and Lankum shows how to perform old songs in new ways – reinventing the folk wheel. On the album, their repertoire spans Dublin music-hall ditties and street-songs, ballads from the traveller tradition, traditional Irish and American dance tunes and their original material.

As one review puts it:

“There is only one thing I’d rather do more right now than listen to Lankum’s Between Earth and Sky and that is go and see them live.”

You now have the chance at Roskilde Festival 2019, and you should definitely catch it!