Thursday 4 July 2019
Cool Norwegians ready to blast their electronic pop bangers

Lemaitre is an electronic duo hailing from Norway (they have since relocated to L.A.). The two best-buds Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou Lund formed the band in 2010 and named themselves after Georges Lemaître, father of the Big Bang theory (science, not sitcom).

And that’s a perfect reference to their sound as well: Like the universe is expanding, so is Lemaitre’s sound. They have managed to hone an incomparable ability to interweave different styles and genres of music to craft a sound that’s distinctly their own. It ranges from booming electro-house to catchy pop grooves, includes a number of guest artists and remains an approved sound in indie circles.

Lemaitre have worked their way up to becoming one of the most prominent acts in the ever-changing electronic scene.

After initially finding enormous success on SoundCloud, the electronic duo released their highly anticipated debut album Chapter One in 2017. As well as encompassing their breakout hit “Closer” the album serves as a showcase for band’s all-included sound.

More recently, Lemaitre have treated fans to a steady stream of singles, all of which are relatively dissimilar from each other, yet with that signature Lemaitre golden touch. They will all end on an EP, which will soon the light of day.

Maybe you were in the crowd when Lemaitre played Roskilde Festival back in 2013 (some footage here). And if not, here’s a new chance to catch this stellar Norwegian duo. Two becomes many more when they play live, using a more traditional band composition with guitars, drums, keyboards – and horns.

Lemaitre is ready for the big bang at Roskilde Festival.