Friday 5 July 2019
Noise pop ready to explode

Danish quintet Lowly formed in 2014, but they’ve come a long way in those few years. Simon Raymonde, head of the Bella Union record label, saw them live in 2015 and decided to sign them on the spot (and, coincidentally, at SPOT Festival). That same year they played our stage fore upcoming talent, Rising.

Simon Raymonde was part of Cocteau Twins who practically invented dream pop as we know it, so he knows dreamy qualities when he hears them. And Lowly knows all about dreams.

The Danish band is a different (gentle) beast, though. Despite the dream-like aspects, their songs tend to patiently unfold and often explode, revealing a huge sound that carefully stays just below over-the-top.

That’s not to say they don’t like a bit of drama. Debut album Heba from 2017 is full of it, but it’s always exquisite, with singers Soffie Viemose and Nanna Schannong complementing each other.

Sophomore album Hifalutin (they like those titles, don’t they?) will be released in April, again on Bella Union, and judging from first single “Baglaens” (Danish for ‘backwards’) their signature keyboards are still painting pictures, but instead of building up, the song descends into a meditative state, perhaps signaling new roads ahead for the five Danes.