Friday 5 July 2019
Zesty electro pop bangers and ballads from critically acclaimed cyber siren.

Woman meets machine. Zeroes and ones collide with emotions. Beautiful, pulsating electro pop emerges.

The stage is lit by a dim blue light, haze-like. Front-centre is a figure dancing about. The figure appears as a living circuit board – or are those fluorescent blood veins? Maybe both. She works from behind a table of electronic equipment and sings to soft, melodic electro-pop. Her name is Lydmor, and she will draw you in like a cyber siren.

Her civil name is Jenny Rosander, and under the moniker Lydmor she marries arty electro pop with dance elements in a mix of uptempo bangers with heavy mechanical beats and delicate, atmospheric ballads. Lydmor has released music since 2012, and in 2018 she reached an artistic peak with her third album I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story.

The album, released by esteemed German label HFN (Lydmor joins the likes of Jacob Bellens, Trentemøller and Kasper Bjørke here), is inspired by a trip to Shanghai, and it certainly has a special late-night metropolitan pulse to it.

Lydmor can also be heard during the rolling credits in the Danish film Vildheks (the song is called “Vild” and is a piece of ear candy sung in Danish, for once), she has composed the music for a theatre play called "Orestien" which will premiere in May.

Lydmor is keeping busy playing concerts whenever and wherever she can. And she’s been around – from aforementioned Shanghai, China across Bangkok, Thailand to Saint Petersburg, Russia.

And in 2019 it’s time for Roskilde Festival. Look forward to a special fluorescent, futuristic concert that will have your body dancing and your heart bleeding.