Monday 1 July 2019
Ambitious kaleidoscopic indie music using the whole world as inspiration

Michael Rexen is a man of the world. He was born in The United Arab Emirates, he lives in a Mongolian yurt (a tiny house alternative) in Christiania. He has travelled around Pakistan with drum master Gunga Sain, worked oil rigs in Egypt, been institutionalised in Denmark.

M. Rexen says that music is a biproduct of the life he’s living. His music is a marvellous combination of Afrobeat rhythms, Middle Eastern string arrangements and a lyrical universe centred around rock’n’roll. He has previously played in projects like A Key is a Key, The Magnetic Eagle and Mongol, but M. Rexen is his most personal project yet.

In 2018 he released a very ambitious concept-like album called The United Kingdoms Part 1 – An Endless Sea of Honey. Not everybody understood it, yet it resounded with many music fans. A second chapter is on the way.

This is indie music with a funky and wide-reaching approach. Fans of Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Grizzly Bear and the like will love this stuff.

Playing live M. Rexen is a 10-piece with lots of horns and psychedelic leanings. It’s mad, it’s out there, it’s almost too much and yet it’s perfect. If you can read Danish, check out this review and then you can really look forward to M. Rexen’s show on the Rising stage at Roskilde Festival 2019.