Wednesday 3 July 2019
Rising star blends pop, folk and dance

Not everyone breaks through by making someone cry. Maggie Rogers made Pharrell cry when he first heard her music. She is that good!

With a background in banjo and folk, it wasn’t written in the stars that Maggie Rogers would become one of America’s biggest pop hopes. She made a couple of folk albums which lived their own quiet lives, she moved to France for a while, but things really changed when she returned to the States. She signed up for a master class with Pharrell Williams in 2016, wrote a song in 15 minutes and soon saw the wet eyes of the pop guru.

The song was “Alaska”, and Maggie Rogers had a hit on her hands. The following couple of years, Rogers showed what many of us could use a little bit of – patience. She released a few singles and an EP, she played a few shows and she enjoyed her television debut.

This year, she finally released her first major label album Heard It in a Past Life, which almost went straight to #2 on the Billboard chart. It’s an album that shows the many fascinating sides of Rogers, from her folky roots to the danceable grooves, almost with a knack for the great pop hook.