Tuesday 2 July 2019
Taut and ecstatic indie pop

Genre purists, shy away. Mall Girl challenge the templates with their music.

Is this pop? Is it jazz? Does it really matter? As long as it’s good, right?

Mall Girl is a quartet who really stands out among the bands who use their jazz background as a foundation for cutting-edge indie pop.

They are a young band with an energetic live show.

Their inspirations range from 80s pop over noise and math rock to indie – and everything is tied together by a playful expression and a liberating attitude towards music production.

Since their first show things started to go fast for the Oslo band. Quickly, the band was booked for several shows. They uploaded the song “Slay Queen” to P3 Urørt (Norwegian talent contest) and was immediately recommended by the jury.

Now it’s time for Mall Girl’s next chapter. It’s time for a concert at Roskilde Festival. Catch them on the Rising stage.