Friday 5 July 2019
Punishing mix of death metal and grindcore

You know what they say: misery looooves company! And the band in case, Misery Index, is definitely someone you’d like to hang with if you’re into metal rampaging!

In the field of extreme metal, Misery Index are legends. These extreme metal soldiers have spread destruction for over 15 years and show no signs of stopping. In the ashes of every destruction, they have left a still-burning reputation for being a killer live band.

Originally a spawn of Dying Fetus, this Baltimore band have skilfully differentiated themselves, replacing the slam breakdowns of Fetus with speedy punk-y riffs. They bring lots of grindcore, old-school death metal riffage, hardcore groove and bits of incorporations of melo-death, not to mention a taste for lyrical sociopolitical vitriol.

In the course of five studio albums and well over 1000 concerts, the quartet have focused their craft with the omniscience of a murderous deity. Along the way they have found a way to make every blast-beaten whiplash embed their barbed hooks in your head. Ouch!

In 2019, Misery Index serves up their sixth album. And if you haven’t heard the single “I Disavow” yet, stop reading right now and start listening. The song is, according to band, "riven with spite and contempt towards our modern age's void of truth."

Look forward to a concert that is unrelentingly fast and unabashedly heavy. You’ll be in the best of company!