Thursday 4 July 2019
Greenlandic and international at the same time: Delicate rock hymns from the world's largest island

For 10 years, the popular Greenlandic band Nanook have enriched music lovers in their homeland with their lovely melancholic rock music.

Nanook was formed by brothers Christian and Frederik Elsner who nurtured a special sound. Their rock sound speaks a great tone of voice, which beautifully harmonises with the wide ranges and the grand but rugged landscape that characterises Greenland. And they sing in their native language, making the material appear homely while the melodies strive towards an international league. The musical language makes all dictionaries superfluous: the soaring, towering songs aim straight for the heart.

The band of brothers write their songs based on the reality they have grown up in. They cover everything from social issues in Greenland to the impact of climate change on the polar bear's living conditions. The latter bears the same name as the band itself, "Nanook".

Nanook released their debut album, Seqinitta Qinngorpaatit (Our Sun Shines On You) in 2009 and have in the course of four albums won the hearts of the Greenlanders. The latest record is from 2018 and is called Ataasiusutut Misigissuseq (The Feeling of Being One).

In 2019, Nanook will play Roskilde Festival. Here you can experience the treasure chest of music that has cemented the band's status as one of the biggest in the Greenlandic music scene in recent times and the first Greenlandic band ever released in Japan.