Thursday 4 July 2019
Swedish singer-songwriter looks at the world with sly, slinky, sinuous downtempo grooves

Neneh Cherry is arguably one of the more diverse artists making pop today. For three-plus decades now she's offered her own unique twist on pop music that stretches effortlessly beyond its conventional constraints, creating something challenging and beautiful at the same time.

No matter if she’s mixing up free-jazz and 80s punk-funk with the band Rip Rig + Panic or if she’s treating rap and electro-pop on her own 1989 hit “Buffalo Stance”, Neneh Cherry has always bent styles to serve her own ends. She has collaborated with artists as diverse as Youssou N’Dour, The Thing, Pulp, Peter Gabriel, Gorillaz and many others.

After a 18-year hiatus, Cherry returned four years ago with the album Blank Project, which saw her recruit Four Tet‘s Kieran Hebden on production duties. Obviously a collaboration that suits both parties, as Hebden is also behind Cherry’s fifth solo album, Broken Politics (2018).

Here, Neneh Cherry continues to blur boundaries between genres with ease. The album is soft and reflective, using kora, flute, steel drum and harp as the rippling beds for Cherry’s observations and admissions.

And Cherry has a lot on her mind! She sings about abortion, refugees, gun violence and the ease with which conspiracy calcifies into assumed fact these days. It feels like delving into Cherry’s personal thoughts on the world and how they directly affect her. She proves that she’s one of our most vital and interesting voices around.

Neneh Cherry has charisma, stage presence and a big back catalogue to pick from, so expect nothing less than a musical force at play (hitting it both soft and hard) when Neneh Cherry revisits Roskilde Festival. Can you believe it has been 24 years since she was last here?