Friday 5 July 2019
Self-proclaimed ‘Andes step’ producer tie together past and present in his electronic music

Nicola Cruz' music invokes the landscapes and rituals of his homeland, Ecuador, a country that is home both to the Andes mountains and the Amazon rainforest.

Cruz is an electronic producer, musician and DJ. He marries a sense of the natural beauty and folkloric rituals of his native Ecuador with a more contemporary electronic sound palette, integrating indigenous and Latin melodies. Cruz bears a loose sonic resemblance to the distinctly South American sound collages of Nicolas Jaar with whom he has collaborated earlier in his career.

Cruz started his career as a percussionist. From there he developed an early interest in electronic music. His work draws from a broad variety of sources, in particular a deep passion for the Andean landscapes, their cultures, rituals and rhythms.


Nicola Cruz released his self-produced debut album, Prender el Alma, in 2015. His latest release is the Inversions EP from 2018.

He playfully refers to his sound as ‘Andes step’, and when he plays Roskilde Festival expect him to imbue his chromatic set with a sense of spirituality as he garnishes Latin instrumentation with heavy, bass-centric percussion. Cruz makes full use of hardware controllers onstage, resulting in a live performance that is overwhelmingly warm, diverse and intricate. And very danceable.