Thursday 4 July 2019
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Taut indie punksters take things a step onwards

This band of Brooklyn-based Texas expats makes a jaggedly noisy sound they themselves originally dubbed ‘Americana punk’.

At their core, Parquet Courts is a rock band. They occasionally play with the ferocity of the punks of yesteryear, and singer/guitarist Andrew Savage sings with the literate posturing of Colin Newman (Wire) or PiL-era John Lydon, but the roots of what Parquet Courts does best are found in their attempts to marry pseudo-intellectual rambling with a sound that’s as indebted to classic rock and early art-rock as it is to punk and its offspring.

With three incredible "proper" records under their belt and a handful of off-shoot releases, it seems kind of amazing that the songwriting team of Andrew Savage and Austin Brown (backed by Andrew's brother Max on drums and Sean Yeaton on bass) have been able to not only consistently produce some of the finest indie rock of the decade, but somehow keep topping themselves with every release. They grow more popular, naturally, but thankfully the DIY quartet haven’t sanded off any of their spikier corners.

For their latest album, Wide Awake!, the band enlisted Danger Mouse (yes, that Danger Mouse) as a producer. He was already a fan, and the band made the move because they wanted to try new things, and frankly, because on paper it didn’t really make sense. Danger Mouse just let the fellows do their thing. They play with the same passion as ever, occasionally trading off some of their trademark guitar fireworks for danceable jams. 

Parquet Courts are a fantastic live band. Perhaps you caught them at Roskilde 2013 where they charmed everybody at the show. Rest assured that they still do that, and they have only grown tighter as a live band with just the right amount of stage banter.