Saturday 6 July 2019
Former Pantera front man revisits the thrashy metal songs of his old band. Yep: full Pantera set awaits!

Philip Hansen Anselmo may be the most hardworking musician in metal. The plethora of bands and side projects (go ahead, start counting) is clear proof that this is a man who doesn’t have much time for Netflix.

Phil Anselmo is also one of the most iconic metal figures of recent times out there.

He came into prominence with Pantera who developed from glam-inspired metal to bone-crushing, thrashy groove metal. Albums like Vulgar Display of Power (1992) and Far Beyond Driven (1994) catapulted Anselmo and the rest of Pantera to the very top of the metal heap. Find any list of best metal bands out there, and you will most likely find Pantera somewhere on it. As all Pantera fans know, the band split up in 2003, and only one year later a mentally unstable fan killed guitarist Dimebag Darrel on stage. In 2018, drummer (and brother of Dimebag) Vinnie Paul died of heart decease.

After some years with the supergroup Down (and countless other projects), Anselmo started his own band with the backing group The Illegals. Under his own name, Anselmo has released two albums, Walk Through Exits Only (2013) and Choosing Mental Illness As a Virtue (2018). Out grew a bunch of maniacal, genre-defying songs that are as insane as they are enjoyable.

Anselmo’s backing band is beyond skilled musicians, and they help bring their front man’s musical visions to life with bite and crunch – and ample doses of insanity.

So now, after having started 600 bands and always pacing and striving onwards, it’s time – for once – to look back. For their concert at Roskilde Festival 2019, Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals will revisit…WAIT FOR IT… the Pantera catalogue. That’s right, folks. You will be treated to a concert full of thrashy metal hits. “Walk”, Cowboys from Hell”, “Hollow”, “I’m Broken”… the list of great songs goes on and on. Start jotting down your own favourites, and if you’re lucky they will be included in the setlist of Pantera classics.