Wednesday 3 July 2019
New-school thrashers breathe furious new life into one of metal’s longest-worn institutions

Harder! Faster!

Power Trip drags the spirit of thrash, spin-kicking and screaming, into the present day. Yup, they successfully breathe new life into that wonderfully chaotic mix of hardcore, punk and eighties speed metal and distill it into sharply focused and hooky aggro-blasts.

The Texan thrashers made waves with their second album, Nightmare Logic, seeing outlets as far apart as Metal Hammer and Pitchfork finding a rare agreement on one thing: this band are the shit! And once you give them a listen, you will bang your head in total agreement.

Power Trip is a shape-shifting, harrowing beast with speedy riffs and squealing leads, menacing grooves and guttural howls. It’s an angry songbook for the displaced, the angry, the confused and the desperate. And along with the anger the album packs a bombastic party atmosphere as well.

There’s so much more to Power Trip than reminiscence of what came before, and it’s all underpinned by an urgency and authenticity and sincere joy of playing.

When Power Trip steps onto a stage they deliver what their name promises. It’s a full-frontal attack, and the floor always becomes a whirlwind of bodies. Slamming. Moshing. Their shows are about as chaotic and unrelenting as you may imagine (just check out this live recording!). The band wastes no time in bringing maximum intensity from the very beginning, an energy that never fades. Lead singer Riley Gale’s stage presence is an animal all its own as he calls for total mayhem from those in attendance without hesitation.

The future of thrash metal has arrived, and Power Trip are at the helm.