Friday 5 July 2019
Rival Consoles’ humanised take on techno creates an immersive world full of sonic life. Look forward to a live A/V show.

London-based producer Ryan Lee West, better known under the name Rival Consoles, is notable for making synthesisers sound human and atmospheric.

Over the course of his career, his music has ranged from challenging IDM to more overtly club-oriented electro-house to more intricate compositions using acoustic instrumentation.

Rival Consoles excel at making wordless, electronic music non-robotic and personal. 

Since 2007 – when he released his first EP, Vemeer, under the name Aparatec – Ryan Lee West has been signed to the London-based label Erased Tapes. In fact, he was the very first signee of the label. That same year he changed his moniker to Rival Consoles. Since then, he has released five albums and a handful of EPs.

Rival Consoles’ latest album, Persona, is a testament to his talent that he's managed to make a warm and reflective album. Persona is uneasy listening, with heavier rhythms and more fragmented melodies than West deployed on previous works, yet it’s equally engrossing.


Look forward to catching Rival Consoles live. He works behind a desk full of with keys, panels and triggers. Behind him is a fireworks of psychedelic, waveform-like textures. Check out this live video which will give you an idea of the moods and music from Rival Consoles.

With a string of sold-out shows under his belt, Rival Consoles makes it abundantly clear that his reputation as one of the most talented producers in UK electronica is well deserved. Don’t miss this phenomenal artist whose star is on the rise.